Fully immersive, virtual 3D spaces

Bring your space to life...

Virtual Interactive Tours are the most realistic, immersive way to experience an environment online.

Take One Productions are proud to have partnered up with Matterport, an American tech company. We produce next-generation, 3D tours that offer a completely new form of immersive media that invites you to explore a place as though you were really there.

Whether you’re selling or letting your commercial or residential property, or you want to showcase your hotel, conference facility or exhibition, a Virtual Interactive tour provides the perfect solution.

Available online and offline 24/7, these 3D spaces can be viewed on Mac, PC, tablet and mobile devices, and can be produced for Virtual Reality headsets.

Take One Productions UK

3D Virtual Spaces

This state of the art production technology allows us to create stunning 3D, virtual tours packed with more features than you can imagine.

The 3D tours are far superior in quality and interactivity to anything else on the market and perfect for showcasing hotels, commercial and residential properties.

You don’t need any additional software or downloads – the 3D tours will play on any desktop or mobile browser. They can even be produced to be viewed in amazing 360° Virtual Reality.


Add the info your viewers need

We can include your brand name with a brief description, contact details and a Google Maps location link.

The Guided Tour

Viewers can select a ‘sit back’ experience and view a pre-programmed guided tour of the key features.

Info Labels

We can label any object in the 3D space to highlight a special feature. Objects will appear labelled from any vantage point and can include a photo and description.

360° Degree Views

Exterior or remote locations can be produced as 360° images and added to the ‘thumb nail’ bar at the bottom of the screen.

Virtual Reality

For a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive experience, we can convert your 3D tour into a Virtual Reality version of your space, compatible with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets.

Schematic Floor Plans

Many clients use traditional floor plan drawings for a variety of uses in both their online and print-based property marketing. We offer our customers the ability to order black-and- white floor plan drawings of their spaces with measurements at 99% accuracy.


Inside View

Take One Productions Horsham, London Give viewers the feeling of actually walking through a 3D representation of space – as if they were actually there.

Dollhouse View

Take One Productions Horsham, London View the entire building from any angle with the 360°, 3D Dollhouse View.

Floorplan View

Take One Productions Horsham, London

Understand the building layout floor by floor. Black & white floor plans with measurements can be produced.


About Us

Take One Productions was established in 1996. 

We are one of the leading creative video and multimedia production companies in London and the South East, bringing the power and flexibility of ‘anytime’ communications to staff, suppliers and customers.

Our team of highly experienced staff offers a comprehensive range of services and exceptional value for money, utilising our in-house, state-of-the-art facilities.

We have an impressive client list, ranging from large multi-national companies and government departments to small businesses and charitable organisations.

We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations.

As well specialising in producing Virtual 360° Interactive Tours and 360° video, our other services include video production; timelapse; web streaming and animation. Our main website can be seen at www.takeoneproductions.co.uk

Contact Us:

London: 0207 112 8565
Horsham: 01403 256 255


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